INFOS FOR CW GAMES importantly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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INFOS FOR CW GAMES importantly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post  Omega-Admin on 14/8/2009, 21:11

ALL CW games without min 1.Admin and all Memberes must have Skybe Or teamspeek

hir all information

needs or writes it hir purely , if hir assistance needs thx




and it makes also more FUN to talk together Laughing bounce

edit by ghost-star: if you know your pc/engine isnt right working,tell this the admins and DONT play cw! thx

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Re: INFOS FOR CW GAMES importantly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post  Ryoko on 14/8/2009, 21:17

better think is whe need our own teamspeak bicouse that fuck gunclan is anoying >_>
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